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The world of supplements can be difficult to navigate. You may come across many “experts” at health food stores, supermarkets, and even on TV, that recommend many different supplements to help address your health concerns. While the person recommending supplements may be doing their best to help you, and have their heart in the right place, they are most likely not a professional, nor have they assessed your health status through Advanced Laboratory Testing and in depth consultation. You may therefore become frustrated with the lack of results.

At Medela Centers, we create a personalized supplementation program using the purest, most effective, physician grade supplements available. They are specifically chosen for you to treat your problems, and are safe, natural alternatives to medications and get to the roots of the problem.

Not all supplements are created equally. We use the cleanest, best researched supplements available, and we have experts prescribe them so you know you are taking the best choices for your health. When done correctly, supplementation is a safe and side effect free way to manage your health issues.

Many people think that they do not need supplements because they can get the necessary nutrients from food. Our food in the US is not as nutritious as it once was. What was eaten 100 years ago is far better than what is available now. Most food was eaten in season, picked when ripe, and sourced locally, creating a nutritionally dense product. Did you know that over 50% of the nutrients contained in a ripe plant-based food develop in only the last two weeks before it is fully ripe? How nutritious would you guess those grapes from Chile are when they were picked weeks ago before they were ripe? When was the last time you had a truly delicious, ripe fruit or vegetable? Much of our store-bought produce is hard and tasteless. You may not even know what they are naturally supposed to taste like, depending upon how old you are. If you have health issues, you need to supplement because the food available is not providing the necessary vitamins and minerals in order to support the body in healing. You need to eat over a million blueberries a day to get the effective researched doses of resveratrol to support brain health after a concussion. It just can’t be done via food, but it can with proper supplementation.

Unlike prescriptions, you do not have to take most supplements for the rest of your life, because they aren’t given to cover up symptoms. They are given to address the cause of disease in a safe and effective manner.