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Do you have low energy? Does your energy drop off later in the day? There are many different reasons you may feel tired and lethargic. Functional medicine can help determine the cause of your fatigue and address it in safe, natural ways. Live your life with vitality & vigor and get your energy back!

Fatigue is one of the most common health issues Americans complain of. It can color all of our experiences, and decrease our enjoyment of life.

Stress is our response to uncomfortable experiences in life. Our response to stressful situations plays an important role in our lives by helping us to respond quickly when there is danger and by stimulating us to perform at our best at certain tasks. The body’s stress response is designed as a short-term reaction. When we continue to tell our bodies to manufacture hormones to respond to stress over longer periods of time, we set ourselves up to develop a multitude of chronic illnesses. An ongoing, long-term stress response can be one of the factors leading to the development of fatigue and burnout.

There are many different possible causes of fatigue, including diminished hormone levels, lack of quality sleep, stress, anemia, toxicity, autoimmunity, and digestive disorders. At Medela Centers, we do the testing necessary to discover the true cause of your fatigue and address it effectively, and naturally.