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Did you know that 95% of diets fail? And many diets set you up to gain even more weight back after you stop adhering to them? There is a lot of confusion about what healthy food choices really are, and every body needs a different protocol.

What you choose to eat is the most powerful and important choice you can make in determining the quality of your life and your health.

The most common underlying causes of chronic illness are: poor-quality food and poor food choices, stress, environmental toxins, lack of physical activity/movement, prescription drugs, and poor lifestyle choices. By making healthy nutrition and lifestyle choices, we can eliminate or reduce the likelihood of developing most common illnesses and greatly contribute to an experience of excellent health and well-being. It is estimated that each day, the average American makes over 200 food decisions. By making healthful food decisions, you will improve not only your own health but the health of the planet.

Most people lose their cravings for foods to which they are “addicted” within one or two weeks of starting their program with Medela Centers. If your goal is to lose weight, this program will help you shed pounds without experiencing strong hunger pangs or feeling deprived.

Proper food choices can also help to balance hormones, balance blood sugar levels, lower blood pressure, create better digestion, and slowly improve detoxification. By eating the Medela Centers way, your body will tend to naturally adjust itself to a weight that is normal for your height. Do not waste your time focusing on FDA guidelines for healthy eating, such as MyPlate. These guidelines have consistently failed most people. They do not take into account the many variables and critical distinctions about food types and quality, and they do not take into account your individual body and how it works.

At Medela Centers we work with you to determine the best nutritional protocol for you to follow. We tailor and personalize the program to meet your individual needs based on patient interview, lab work, and close monitoring of your health and symptoms. We help you to get the healthy results you desire, and deserve