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Best Fish Choices: Sustainable, and Low in Toxins

April 12, 2017

The Super Green┬áList These items have levels of mercury below 216 parts per billion (ppb), provide at least 250 milligrams per day (mg/d) of omega-3s and are classified as a Seafood Watch “Best Choice.” Atlantic Mackerel (purse seine, from Canada and the U.S.) Pacific Sardines (wild-caught) Salmon (wild-caught, from Alaska) Salmon, Canned (wild-caught,  …   Read More »

The Wonders of Olive Oil

February 14, 2017

Research confirms that olive oil has tremendous health benefits, especially when consumed as part of a healthy diet. The fatty acids and antioxidants in olive oil reduce the risk of heart disease. Unrefined olive oil is better than refined. Refined olive oils (and refined oils in general) have usually been processed using solvents, treated with heat,  …   Read More »

Mystical Secret to Healthy Digestion

February 7, 2017

Unicorns are mythical, but the science behind this commercial is sound. Squatting while using the bathroom has many health benefits, and we recommend getting and using this, or a similar product for proper “pooping posture”. You can get the squatty potty at Costco, or order on Amazon. If you are new to the Squatty Potty, you may want to  …   Read More »

How to Never Eat GMO Food Again

January 12, 2017

You can click on the link below to download a printable file to put in your wallet and take shopping. We would like to thank “Green Smoothie Girl” for the resource, and her website may be found at the bottom of the file. Print it out, cut it, fold it and keep in your wallet for a reference when you go shopping. GMO_Wallet_Card   …   Read More »